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Combining two decades of personal and professional experience, I guide conversations to investigate, question and challenge current thinking that creates clarity and positively influences behaviours and actions to achieve your goals.

Using a multidisciplinary approach based on modern coaching practices, psychological theory and techniques, and resources I guide conversations to achieve client directed outcomes. Each client has a safe environment to have confidential conversations. I give clients the opportunity to understand current situations and events to identify new approaches. These strategies support clients in current challenges, conflict or gaps in learning to achieve individual skills development.

My life started with significant disadvantage that included poverty, instability and lack of a nurturing family home. I was removed from this environment and left with a legacy where I questioned my self-worth, was disconnected from others, did not feel a sense of belonging within myself or within the community. Looking back as I was a child, I had no capacity to understand how I was going to get from one day to the next, and for many years I did not know who I was. I did what I could, with what I had. My life was a legacy of others choices at this point and I had to find a way out.

Somehow as a teenager, I grew, doing what every young person is encouraged to do. I finished my education, learnt from life experiences and gained meaningful employment, a socially acceptable role in the community. I started my real life, or so I thought. As a professional, I wasted many years proving my self-worth. I jumped from one place of unhappiness to another, never really finding or realising my value. I was pretending to be something I was not. For years this was my struggle, until further personal crisis forced me to confront my unhappiness head on. When I did this it opened the door to becoming more skilled at life, skills development and overcoming fear. Through this and my professional experience, I have become an expert at navigating extreme transitions, challenges and changes and life skills development.

I have observed that there are many individuals, who just like me have struggled for years. I now give individuals an opportunity to live their real lives.

With an educational background in Health Service Management, Clinical Research and Audit and Life and Behavioural Coaching, and with continuing professional development in psychology, mental health and wellbeing, I will continue to educate individuals to build these critical life skills.

If you are thinking it is all too hard, you are right but you are capable of doing what you want too. I know that you are ready for change, and I believe you too can achieve your personal and professional aspirations.  Contact me today for a complimentary consultation, and let’s talk about it. Get the life you want and influence your own positive behavioural change now and into the future. If you need immediate assistance get help here.


Clients regularly provide feedback and evaluation about my services, here is what they are saying:

“Vendra provided me with life coaching as I returned to work after a bad accident. She helped me rebuild my confidence and set goals to ensure my return to work plan ran as smoothly as possible. She is smart, empathetic and provided me with wonderful support. I’m grateful to her for going above and beyond to assist me and highly recommend her life coaching services” – Kristi-Anne

“…I gained from this session very much. I regained confidence, clarity about decision making and more knowledge about self-awareness and how to win over fear…” – Tanya 

“…Very well presented. I really needed this workshop at this time in my life. I went away feeling more empowered, validated and with greater confidence…” – Anonymous