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Coaching you to thrive through adversity

Coaching redirecting focus to your innate resources and supporting you to thrive through and beyond adversity.

I have extensive experience leading and coaching individuals and teams. This experiences includes private and public sectors at executive levels. Combining expertise and knowledge in coaching, counselling, business development and clinical research, to appreciate the complexities of interactions, and facilitate conversations that empower individuals towards alternate choices.

As a Qualified Coach leading my own business, XTend Life and Behavioural Coaching, my passion is creating resilient approaches contributing to healthier daily living for individuals and their communities. I am passionate about people, and instilling self-belief. Having faced many experiences throughout my own life particularly at major transitions, I have an appreciation for just what it takes to move through and beyond any hardship. I draw on this experience as well as my professional knowledge infusing conversations with the dignity, respect and integrity required at these vulnerable moments.

My focus is working collaboratively with individuals to strengthen inherent resources, creativity and alternate thinking to achieve goals. Flourishing personal and professional experiences require continuous attention to skills to strengthen relationships, professional development and competence, increasing function managing life’s experiences.

Skills development is a focus through all major life transitions. I can appreciate the energy and focus it takes to redirect effort. I have had exposure through hundreds of conversations with life transitions that include new relationships, parenting, resettlement, social disadvantage, family separation, disability and ageing.

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“Vendra provided me with life coaching as I returned to work after a bad accident. She helped me rebuild my confidence and set goals to ensure my return to work plan ran as smoothly as possible. She is smart, empathetic and provided me with wonderful support. I’m grateful to her for going above and beyond to assist me and highly recommend her life coaching services” – Kristi-Anne

“…I gained from this session very much. I regained confidence, clarity about decision making and more knowledge about self-awareness and how to win over fear…” – Tanya 

“…Very well presented. I really needed this workshop at this time in my life. I went away feeling more empowered, validated and with greater confidence…” – Anonymous

“…Vendra provides a high level of professional coaching for individuals, she is respectful and seems to be able to understand just how difficult many of life challenges can be, but more importantly she was able to help me see how to use what I have, that I didn’t know I had, to move through it with more acceptance, calmness and self-confidence“… Anonymous