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About Vendra

I help you understand your mind and body. Learn how to effectively respond to life, manage stressors and realise your capability to generate solutions and take action even before you need them.

Since I established my coaching practice in 2015, I have had hundreds of conversations with individuals to create clarity and positively influence behaviours and responsiveness to achieve life and wellbeing goals.

Once I started having these conversations I realised that there were many individuals who I wanted to reach, that may not necessarily reach out to me. I provide coaching for private clients, people living with a disability (NDIS Service Provider – Innovative Community Participation incl. core supports) and group coaching.

I realised that there were many individuals who may benefit from coaching but may not necessarily connect with a service and so I launched the Don’t Make Me Think Series. These evenings bring together a panel of clinical experts, community leaders and everyday individuals with shared lived experiences. These evenings transform individuals perspective, hear unheard voices, give a sense of belonging and access to informal coaching.

When you are exhausted by life you can boost your goals with the Master Your Life Program

I saw a need to support men and women who were exhausted by life, at the end of the day when they needed to work out a way forward, but had no more brain power to do it. So I developed the Master Your Life program to support individuals at their own pace to develop their life skills and wellbeing goals. It doesn’t do the thinking for you but it takes the strain out of thinking about the next steps to achieve your goals.

This program started with humble beginnings as separate elements supporting individual conversations. Now it is a 12 week to 12 month program making a visible difference to the lives of those that participate and the lives of those around them.

My coaching style utilises a multidisciplinary approach, based on modern coaching practices and psychological theory I support conversations to achieve client directed outcomes. A safe and mutually respectful environment creates the opportunity to understand what is happening right now and identify new approaches.

With an educational background in Health Service Management, Clinical Research and Audit and Life and Behavioural Coaching, and with continuing professional development in psychology, counselling, mental health and wellbeing, I will continue to inspire individuals to believe in themselves and build  critical life skills.

Contact Vendra today for a complimentary consultation. If you need immediate assistance get help here with services that you can call or chat with.

What are clients saying about Vendra as a coach?

“Vendra provided me with life coaching as I returned to work after a bad accident. She helped me rebuild my confidence and set goals to ensure my return to work plan ran as smoothly as possible. She is smart, empathetic and provided me with wonderful support. I’m grateful to her for going above and beyond to assist me and highly recommend her life coaching services” – Kristi-Anne

“…I gained from this session very much. I regained confidence, clarity about decision making and more knowledge about self-awareness and how to win over fear…” – Tanya 

“…Very well presented. I really needed this workshop at this time in my life. I went away feeling more empowered, validated and with greater confidence…” – Anonymous