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Coaching services delivered in person and online for individuals, groups and business. Coaching establishes a relationship that supports individuals to increase self-awareness and develop life skills. When you strengthen the individual, you strengthen others in their lives. Giving everyone the opportunity to realise their fullest potential. I also offer services as a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS Service Provider.

Living well means learning about what that means for you and your life.  Whether it is single pay as you go sessions, coaching packages that are goal orientated, or coaching to increase skills competence, coaching is suitable for everyone.

Individuals Coaching Services

For individuals, in person or online coaching available. Become a member of the Master Your Life Program. A three, six or twelve month coaching personal and/or professional development program. Each new client receives a complimentary initial consultation to discuss needs, email for more. You can freely join the XTend Community on Facebook.

Registered NDIS Service provider – Services include but are not limited to:

For NDIS participants, there is an assessment in consultation with you as the participant, nominated person, others involved in care where appropriate and support coordinators.Individual skills development, group skills development, community participation activities, life transition planning including mentoring and peer support, focussing on individual skills development, email for more.

Corporate Coaching Services

Business owners play a significant role in the wellbeing of employees. When you invest in employees it:

  • Improves work performance
  • Improves the culture of the organisation
  • Increases retention and reduce costs associated with compromised wellbeing (absenteeism, challenging behaviours, conflict)

Get started and email to arrange a consultation to discuss an employee wellbeing program that can really make a difference.


Workshops are presented for personal or professional development. To date these have included:

  • ReachIn Skills for Life Program (Life Skills Program)
  • Self-Awareness and Cognition
  • Communication
  • Mindfulness

Get more information about services by email or call for a complimentary consultation. Join the Facebook Community for more resources.

Terms and Conditions apply for some services, at time of consultation terms and conditions will be provided, for more information refer to our Privacy Policy and Service Disclaimers

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