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In person and online coaching for individuals, teams and organisations. Whether it is single pay as you go sessions, coaching that is goal orientated, or coaching to increase skills competence, coaching is suitable for everyone. Furthermore everyone can benefit from coaching.

Using talk-based therapy, I utilise an integrated coaching approach. Based on modern coaching practices and psychological and counselling techniques. Additionally with continuous professional development, I strengthen a range of expertise from coaching to counselling.

Living well means learning, what that means for you, and using your innate resources to transition through life.

Individuals Coaching Services

Individual coaching, receive a complimentary consultation. To discuss needs, email. Join the XTend Community on Facebook.

Organisational Coaching Services

Onsite professional coaching for employees, supervision or services that contribute to your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Other services include, leadership coaching, group coaching and Masterclasses. Customised group coaching to meet organisation need, including resilience, problem solving and self-awareness.

Coaching leads individuals and groups through activities increasing skills to manage relationships, self-observations, debrief, talk about complex problems and create new internal dialogue. When you invest in employees it:

  • Improves work performance, relationships and morale by building trust
  • Improves retention of quality employees, corporate knowledge and builds positive learning environments
  • Builds self-managing individuals and a peer mentoring to support confidence and competence in the workplace

Get started and email to arrange an onsite consultation to discuss your needs.


Professional and personal development, through group coaching and Masterclasses. To date these have included:

  • Resilience, Leadership, Problem Solving and Self-Awareness Masterclasses.
  • The Don’t Make Me Think Series – The Anatomy of Judgement.
  • Group Coaching to support skills acquisition and rehearsal, assertion and emotional management.

You can send all requests for services by email. Alternatively call 02 6282 1002 or 0412 830 386

Registered NDIS Service provider – Core and Capacity Building:

For NDIS participants,  (Plan managed and self-managed) focusing on individual skills development, and community participation email for more. (CB-Social and Community Participation – Innovative Community Participation).

Terms and Conditions apply for some services, at time of consultation terms and conditions will be provided, for more information refer to our Privacy Policy and Service Disclaimers