Reclaiming Conversations

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Do you have face-to-face conversations everyday? You can probably count them on one hand. Now think about the alternative, online discussions, how many hands do you need now as you are counting? It is not too late to reclaim face-to-face conversations. If you are caught in a loop of sending emails, texting, private messages or [...]

3 Ways to Create Reflective Practices

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What is reflective practice, and what do you do with it? It will create transparency, to be able to better relate to yourself and with others. Reflection is the ability to become an observer over your life. Asking yourself questions to drive alternate thinking. You will in reflective practice, have a deeper conversation. You will [...]

The Real Strength of Your Narrative

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Your narrative, the story of your life, so far. It can be inspiring and transformational for yourself and others. What do you tell yourself? It will be those conscious and unconscious messages. There is real strength in your narrative, and perhaps you have unrealised strength you need right now. You can change it.  Take a [...]

Resilience and How To Get It

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Resilience, it seems that everywhere you turn, from self-help to psychotherapy you hear this word. How do you get resilience? Imagine for a moment if you just stopped your life, because of all the challenges you have faced so far. What would your life be like? Now take that a step further, what ensured you [...]

Three steps to creating alignment of values in everyday life

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Creating a life that supports you to live and breathe your values is critical to improving mental fitness and becoming mentally strong. It can take practice, courage and strength. It will often come with significant trauma, failure and defeat. Each time you experience defeat you may ask yourself the same question, what do you really [...]

4 Steps to Beat Guilt

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The first month of 2018 has almost slipped through your fingers. I am guessing that the New Year’s resolutions, choices or ideas you thought you would do in 2018, are lagging. For some, you are already experiencing the guilt of not achieving these goals and now falling further behind. It may sound predictable given the [...]

Don’t Make Me Think – The Anatomy of Judgement

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Join us for an evening discussion, expert panelists, wine and food to start 2018 with less self-judgement and make it a better year. Get Tickets Interrupt the judgement that you subject yourself to everyday with an evening of expert panelists. Learn about personal and social impacts judgement has and learn new skills in its management. The [...]

The Misinformation of Judgement

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Do you appreciate individual difference or move to judgement? When you see someone who is not like you, what is the first thought you share with yourself? My observation is that often, a statement or automatic thought is what is heard first. This is based on historical information and the misinformation of judgement. For many it is not [...]

Trust, Empowerment and Self-Advocacy what does it all mean?

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Trust, Empowerment and Self-Advocacy, what does it all mean anyway? Understanding these terms and what they bring for individuals seeking personal development and services in the health and community sectors, gives everyone the best chance of achieving the desired outcomes. The heath sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. There is evidence to [...]

The key to choices are your life skills

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Everything you do, has been derived from practice. Life skills are the same. Everything you do, is a life-skill. There are core skills and those that are not essential, you can pick up along the way. Then there are also those that you only obtain from your experiences. Life skills give you the opportunity to [...]