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XTend Life and Behavioural coaching is supporting individuals to realise their fullest potential.

It is a space that encourages you to honestly explore, clarify and create positive behaviours in everyday life, for yourself and those around you.

No two coaching clients are the same. A coaching relationship creates mutual trust, respect, awareness, focus and choice to make changes. You can think more clearly and put into action the next steps in goal achievement that you set for yourself. Coaching increases your skills development, for you to continue independently with self-coaching.

You can become responsive to life, increasing confidence and knowledge of strengths. This creates the solutions you need to keep moving forward. You can put together a plan which includes consideration of your goals, learning style and pace of learning to support you to do this.

Living well means learning about what that means for you and your life. It may be to increase the choice and control you have, at a specific life stage. Whether it is to undertake personal or professional development, XTend Life and Behavioural Coaching has coaching services to suit your goals.

To live a life of purpose, it is key to develop a lifelong approach to learning. As a coach I encourage your learning to strengthen communication, competence to navigate change, conflict resolution and improved relationship building skills.

You can influence positive behaviours when you:

  • Analyse your thinking
  • Develop essential life skills
  • Increase your competence and resourcefulness
  • Minimise fear, anxiety and everyday stress reactions
  • Learn reflective practice, increase self-awareness and confidence
  • Learn to increase personal responsibility, accountability, responsiveness
  • Master the navigation of significant life change and transitions
  • Learn and master positive behaviours for yourself enabling you to share and model these with those around you
  • Achieve all of this in a safe, mindful and non-judgmental environment.

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