Integrative coaching for individuals, teams and organisations.

Personal and professional integrative coaching services for individuals, teams and organisations.

For those who want to do well today, and better tomorrow.

To create a way to become more aware of choices and actions, in order to do it better next time, conversation is required. More than this it is necessary to have a commitment to honesty and truth in communication, and it is through a coaching mindset, that I make this accessible for everyone.

As a coach, it is through conversation that I work with individuals, teams and organisations to accomplish change. This is through exploration, observation and analysis. Coaching uses the various techniques learned with continuing professional development in the areas of psychology, coaching, counselling to inspire reflective practice, persistence and talking about the real consequences of action or indeed inaction.

With me as your coach, you can learn how to effectively respond to life, and co-opt others to support you. These conversations will redirect and challenge assumptions to radically change self-awareness, creativity and strategies to align thinking and actions.

When you do these things, you will effectively respond to everyday experiences for better everyday living, today.