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A Life and Behavioural Coaching Practice influencing positive change. Coaching for private clients, people living with a disability (NDIS Service Provider), group coaching, the Master Your Life Program and the Don’t Make Me Think Series (Panel Discussion Evenings).

You will understand your mind and body. Learn how to effectively respond to life, manage stressors and realise your capability to generate solutions and take action even before you need them.

You can influence thinking and behaviours when you:

  • Investigate your thinking
  • Learn essential life skills
  • Examine fear, anxiety and everyday stress reactions
  • Learn to increase personal responsibility and accountability
  • Increase your competence through learning, practice and repetition
  • Promote more positive behaviours for yourself and those around you
  • Master the navigation of significant life stage development, change and transitions
  • Be yourself, achieving all of this in a safe and non-judgmental, respectful environment.